Discord Rules

R1 - Be civilized and polite, don't cause unnecessary drama

R2 - Only use English in text channels

R3 - Swearing is allowed just keep to a minimum

R4 - No NSFW content except

R5 - No discrimination or hate speech of any kind

R6 - Any posts which are considered spam, malicious or harmful may be removed without warning

R7 - Use the appropriate channel, and use it for what it is intended, we aren't super strict on this but please try to follow this at least a little

R8 - Take your personal issues into DM

R9 - Don't impersonate others

R10 - Don't discuss politics or religion except in

R11 - Please do not have a offensive or inappropriate username, if you do please change your username to something else by editing your nickname in the server

R12 - Please follow the Discord TOS

R13 - If you are unsure whether a post is allowed or not, ask @Moderator for approval

R14 - Please refrain from using voice changers or modifications in voice chats


First Offence: Warning

Second Offence: 1 day mute

Third Offence: 3 day mute

Fourth Offence: Permanent Ban


R1 - These are decided by an @Moderator on a case-by-case basis

R5 - First Offence is skipped, channels with an NSFW is allowed here disclaimer in the description are ignored for this rule*

R11 - First 2 Offences: Ask to change it, if they don't comply within 3 days of asking it is a Permanent Ban

R12 - Instant Ban

Most rules are ignored in #rant, although R2, R8, R11, and R12 still apply there, as well as R5, although it's slightly modified to No discrimination of any kind. a.k.a hate speech is allowed, as long as it's not a slur. Be aware that slurs are not auto removed in #rant like they are in other channels. Also, NSFW content is allowed in #rant only, but this does not mean random NSFW memes are allowed. NSFW memes, gifs, or anything similar are not allowed on this server in any channel, and we will not be adding a channel for that.

*NSFW Channels aren't actually set as NSFW because people with their Discord age to low were complaining about not being able to access the channels, that's why the disclaimer is in the channel description instead.

Minecraft Rules

R1 - Be civilized and polite, don't cause unnecessary drama

R2 - Swearing is allowed just keep to a minimum

R3 - No NSFW content

R4 - No discrimination or hate speech of any kind.

R5 - Don't impersonate others

R6 - No hacking or using any 3rd party mod to give yourself an advantage over other players

R7 - No inducing lag on purpose

R8 - If you find an exploit in the server please report it and do not continue to use it

R9 - No offensive names or skins

R10 - Respect others builds and requests

R11 - Don't be a pyromaniac (you know who you are)