General Info

As said on the home page, CubeOasis is a simple survival server.

important Links/ip's

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Main Server IP:

Runs Server IP:

Modded Survival IP:

Discord info

There are multiple links around the site, but none really explain what this discord is and is for.

The CubeOasis Discord Server is a place where you can talk to the CubeOasis staff team, suggest ideas, give feedback and get quick, live responses, and get important updates on the server. It's also a great place to talk to friends and make new friends, as we have a voice channel bot that will auto-magically create new voice channels for you to talk in, that you can make private or public to your choosing. We have quite a few channels, to name a few, we have #general, #minecraft-media, #other-games, #rant, and #memes-and-such.


We have a leveling system in place and a variety of roles, shown right here.


@Your Honor The owner of the server

@Server Manager Helpers of managing the discord server

@The Boys Friends of Your Honor, this role is a thing because that's how the server started

@Moderator Moderate the server's many channels

@Steve Is the role you start off with when you join you can rank up by typing alot in chat


*there are 5 role levels, these roles do not do anything other than look cool*

Starter role/Level 1 - @Steve

Level 2 - @Gamer

Level 3 - @Pro Gamer

Level 4 - @Legend

Level 5 - @Netherite King


We have some notification roles.

React with 📣 for announcement pings

React with 🔊 for voice chat pings, Disclaimer: anyone can ping @Voice Chat, its for asking if anyone wants to voice chat. Please do not get mad at pings from this, you chose to have it.

discord Commands

Please send commands in #bot-commands

Do !ip to get the server ip

Voice Chat Commands

vc/<command> is the format

Limit the number of users allowed in your channel to either the current number of users, or the specified number.

limit/lock [#] & unlimit/unlock [#]

Start a votekick to remove someone from your channel.

kick <@user>

Make your voice channel private, preventing anyone from joining you directly. Creates a "⇩ Join (username)" channel above yours so people can request to join you.


Make someone else the owner of your channel, treating them as the original creator who can run restricted commands.

transfer <@user>

Music Man Commands

-<command> is the format

Add a song or playlist to the queue.

p <song name, song/playlist link>

Add an audio file to the queue.

f (attach the file to the message)

Makes the bot join your voice channel.


Displays the queue.


Skips to the next song.


Skips to the previous song.


Starts looping your current playing track.

loop track

Starts looping your current queue.

loop queue

Stops looping

loop off

More commands here:

XP Bot Commands

ar!<command> is the format

See your stats.

ar!member stats

See another user's stats.

ar!member <@user> stats